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photo of Sean Breathnach

Filming the Small Story

Irish filmmaker Sean Breathnach: “Writing can be a solitary pursuit. Directing gives you the social outlet you need, as well as being extremely satisfying work. The combination of the two skills allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.” READ MORE…

photo of Nick Brennan

It’s All About Story

Writer/director Nick Brennan’s short film, A Marine’s Guide to Fishing, focuses on a Marine veteran struggling with both physical wounds and PTSD when he returns to his former life. “I was drawn to the story first and foremost by the realization that I couldn’t count a single close friend of mine that had served in Iraq or Afghanistan. It was a pretty sad realization given how long the wars had been going on.” READ MORE…

photo of Lars Schwetje
Lars Schwetje

Combat Journalism

Video journalist/DP/producer Lars Schwetje has developed a mindset honed covering war zones in Bosnia and in Iraq. “I always use my gut instinct and experience to do the right thing in dangerous situations. You lose judgment in fearful situations if fear overpowers you.” READ MORE…

photo of Carolyn Voss

Adventures of a Documentary Filmmaker

Multi-award-winning documentary filmmaker and editor Carolyn Voss says “I refuse to ever miss a good adventure.”

And adventures she has certainly experienced: travelling to all seven continents, over 40 countries, many of them third-world countries. All for the love of documentary film. READ MORE…


book cover

Our Ebook on Filmmaking Basics

Every story needs a beginning, a middle, and an end. Start strong. Jump right in to the story. You don’t have a lot of time. Start at the last possible moment, make us care for your characters, and hold our attention for the span of the film. Then end it.

Learn from 11 filmmaking pros. Buy here…

Our Ebook on Teaching Filmmaking in the Classroom

Book Cover - Teaching Filmmaking in the Classroom

The second edition of Understanding Digital Storytelling: Teaching Filmmaking offers you, the media production teacher, these benefits:

  • Semester-long program with 12 teaching units
  • Guide to help you learn the required technology
  • Information on cameras, gear and accessories
  • Syllabus and curriculum outlines
  • Forms, handouts and checklists
  • Suggested student activities

Buy it here.


Salesman Cabe Wray intensifies the search for his long-missing twin sister. Find it on Amazon.


Available Now: Off-Road

Off-Road: The first book in a series about the Film Crew, teens who use film and media at an off-road race in the Mojave Desert. Also on Amazon.



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